So you ask yourself....What is an e-lane?  Well an e-lane is a specific lane on certain sidewalks that is designated for those who may be uber-texters or on their iPhones, Droids or tablets.  Yes, it's real!!  Philadelphia has already put the e-lanes into action.  Sidewalks around Philadelphia's City Hall now have special lanes set up for techies, but only as a trial run through the end of the week.  It was actually developed as an..... April fools' stunt, but city officials are trying to use the gag as a way to show people how dangerous it can be when you are glued to your phone.

It might have been a gag, but it kind of sounds like a good idea.  I'm sure many people around Buffalo's downtown area run into people who don't even pay attention to where they're walking.  I'm guilty of to a major degree, but I occasionally find myself veering to the left or right as I'm texting.  What do you think?

(Radio Online)