Sometimes, the hardest decision to make if you're a new dog owner, is whether or not you should let him or her sleep in your bed at night?

With our two-year old beagle/pit-bull mix Odessa, we just can't resist, always seem to give in and let her sleep next to us.

I've noticed there are a few different kinds of dog owners.

The first are the ones who always let their four-legged family member sleep in their bed, no matter how small or big the dog is.

The second are the ones who never let the dog sleep in their own bed, instead opting for their own special bed somewhere else in the house.

Lastly, a mix of both, sometimes you let your dog jump up and sleep the night away on your bed.

Credit: Chris Owen/Odessa
Credit: Chris Owen/Odessa

There's actually a whole list of reasons why you should opt not to have your dog sleep in bed with you every night, such as they have to go to the bathroom (or they go in your bed, God forbid), they might disturb your sleep, exacerbate your allergies or yes, even drool on your sheets!

Do you let your dog sleep on your bed?

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