This is a story that breaks my heart and doesn't sit well at all.

We've heard about stories of dogs being left in hot cars and either being near death or dying from the heat inside an unattended car. Simply stated: nobody should leave a dog or anybody in a hot car unattended. Unfortunately, that happened in Western New York recently.

According to WKBW, a dog has died on Goat Island in Niagara County, after being left unattended in a hot car.

New York State Police were called to the scene of lot #2 of Niagara Falls State Park on Monday afternoon and broke the car window of a black Jaguar vehicle to get the dog medical care. Unfortunately, the dog died on the way to the SPCA.

An Ohio man is now charged with felony animal cruelty and leaving a companion animal inside a vehicle.

This story absolutely breaks my heart. I've been a dog owner my entire life and I can't even fathom having the mindset to leave an animal unattended in the spring or summer heat.

The Niagara SPCA shared the story on their Facebook page and reminded everyone just how dangerous it is to leave a dog inside a hot, unattended vehicle.

The outside temperature was 70 degrees but over 100 inside the car. The dog died of heat exhaustion.

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