It's never good to hear about an accident on a farm.  It's even harder when it happens in your back yard.  We are looking for your help for a family in Eden, New York.

The young man's name is Dillon Williams and recently he was involved in a bad accident.  According to his Go Fund Me page:

Dillon Williams is a farm kid from Eden, New York. He was recently in a tragic accident involving a tractor and brush hog. The result of this incident was that he lost both of this legs above the knee. Dillon is a hard working man who works for a local farmer sunrise to sunset. He has very limited insurance and does not qualify for obamacare. With all of the surgeries and staying in the hospital for a while his medical bills will be tremendously high. Dillon will need wheelchair ramps, his doorways widened, and hopefully prosthetics one day. The Williams family is under a lot of stress thinking about how they are going to afford all of this. Dillon is 20 years old and has a long road ahead of him. We are pleading with anyone who has ever walked in the woods or drove a tractor to please give what you can. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.


If you can help a local family in need, please visit their Go Fund Me page to make a donation.


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