The Buffalo Sabres have a busy next few days ahead of them, as the front office will navigate through free agency, which officially begins on Wednesday, July 13th at noon.

The Sabres could be looking for a goaltender, right-handed shooting defenseman and a middle six forward. You shouldn't expect them to go crazy in free agency, but they do have plenty of cap space to play with.

We're still roughly three months from the start of another regular season, but Sabres head coach Don Granato is currently trending on Twitter and it's because of a speech he made to some young hockey players.

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Granato spoke with young hockey players at the BioSteel Boys Select 16 at USA Hockey and discussed with them what it takes to ultimately make it to the National Hockey League.

Granato said that everyone in the room has skill but it's about working even harder than you normally do to make it to the NHL.

Watch the clip below.

The Buffalo Sabres retweeted it as well.

Granato will be entering his second full season as Sabres head coach. He took over for former head coach Ralph Krueger, who was fired in March of 2021.

It's easy to see from this video why the Sabres players adore Granato. He's a polar opposite from Krueger. While Granato demands a lot from his players, he's also capable of reaching them on a personal level that sets him apart.

Hopefully Granato can see this thing through and be the coach when the Sabres finally take that step to a contender in the NHL.

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