Road rage is a very serious matter. You truly don't realize just how intense another driver can get until you're put into that situation. Something about driving really makes people go over the line.

Drivers have been known to follow other drivers, even after something as simple as getting accidentally cut off. I know I've seen plenty of scary incidents since I started driving 12 years ago.

This story, however, is about as crazy and weird as you could get.

According to the West Seneca Police Department, there was a road rage incident that took place this past Saturday. It wasn't your usual road rage story.

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Two people came to the West Seneca Police Department's station and admitted they were in a road rage incident with one another. It apparently started when one driver threw a piece of cheese at the other driver's vehicle. That's when the driver who had the alleged piece of cheese thrown at them starting following the other driver. This went on through multiple jurisdictions.

The West Seneca PD said the alleged "cheese-slinger" apologized for the matter and neither was charged with anything.

What I want to know is what caused the cheese to be thrown at the car? What caused this driver to be so rattled and upset that he or she felt the need to throw cheese? Where did the cheese come from? Was it part of a fast-food burger? Was the cheese just lying around in the car?

This is beyond fascinating to me. That is a doozie of a road rage story.

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