road rage

Driving Pet Peeve
Everyone has their pet peeves when driving.  Whether it's someone who doesn't use their turn signal or doesn't let someone merge when they easily could we have all shook our head and increased our blood pressure in the car.
It's the Holiday season and hopefully a time when people are in the Christmas spirit. To me, the Holidays should be a time of giving. And not just giving presents. It's also about being a better person, even to those who you don't even know...
Road Rage Caught On Tape! [VIDEO]
Here it is Thanksgiving Eve. Folks are thinking about what they are thankful for. Thinking about gathering for a festive dinner with family and friends. Yet for those who will venture out in search of Christmas bargains you are perhaps thinking about the craziness you will deal with in all the hustl…
Amy Poehler’s Road Rage [VIDEO]
Have you ever been the victim of road rage? Let's face it, some people just don't know what they are doing when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. I was driving in downtown Buffalo on Monday morning when a woman came into my lane and almost caused a head-on collision.
Driving 101
I’m a pretty laid back person and I try to stay calm while driving, don’t want to express road rage of any kind, but this morning I found myself honking my horn and pointing fingers at people on the ride in to work.  Here’s why; clearly if there is a sign that says you’re not able to make a left tur…