It's the Holiday season and hopefully a time when people are in the Christmas spirit. To me, the Holidays should be a time of giving. And not just giving presents. It's also about being a better person, even to those who you don't even know.

I don't know about you, but I have been witnessing a lot of people being pretty rude and nasty to their fellow drivers on the roadways. There's never a good time for "Road Rage", but why does it seem to increase at this time of year?

Yesterday I was driving back from Virginia, minding my own business and enjoying my ride home and listening to some good music. Even though I was alone, I found the drive very peaceful and enjoyable except for one little incident. I was heading up I-81 in Pennsylvania, when a car came up on my right side at a high rate of speed and proceeded to cut me off so she could get in front of me. If I did not react defensively and hit my brakes, this person would have smashed into me for sure. I have no idea if the person was intoxicated or on drugs, but it did upset me greatly. It took me over an hour to calm down about it. What is so important that someone would jeopardize their life and mine?

I know the majority of folks out there are not behaving like this, but it does bum me out that some people are not in the Holiday frame of mind as they take to the roadways. Here's a video of how to avoid Holiday Road Rage.

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