I see this all the time, or I should say I see things, that could cause things like this to happen all the time. People may find it hard to believe but "Road Rage" is a real thing. There must be a nerve in the human body that sets people off when something happens on the road they don't like. According to wivb.com, a Tonawanda man is facing a charge after being involved in an altercation that got physical on the shoulder of the 190 right around 11 a.m. The accident happened over the weekend, now one man is being accused of choking another man after the two vehicles drove for several miles before pulling over on the shoulder where the altercation began.

Now, Paul Britzzalaro is being charged with criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation. Some people think that road rage only happens to other people, but really it can happen to anyone. Just think about it, do you drive over the speed limit because you are in a hurry? or maybe flash your lights behind someone because you think there driving too slow? According to a road rage quiz, if you can answer yes to either of these two questions then you could be susceptible to road rage.

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I have often thought to myself, what would I do if put into that situation, and just like many people no one really ever knows how they would react in any situation, unit they are put to that test. Just remember to drive safely, and stay patient on the roads.

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