It's easy to lose your patience in a vehicle.  Especially with the stress of the holiday and all the extra people out on the road.  But this is outrageous.

According to a story on WKBW, 41 year old Matthew Rudy was driving on Walden near Chick Fil-A in Cheektowaga when another man cut him off in the left lane, then slammed on his brakes in front of him, got out of the car and punched him in his eye.  The other man then proceeded to pull him out of his car, drag him over the median and beat him 20-30 more times.

This all happened around 2:45pm on Wednesday afternoon after Rudy had attended a Shop with a Cop event with the Cheektowaga police department.  His family says that what started out as an incredible day turned terrifying in an instant.



Rudy needed surgery on his eye and could possibly end up being blind.  The other man took off and police are currently looking to find him.


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