Everyone has their pet peeves when driving.  Whether it's someone who doesn't use their turn signal or doesn't let someone merge when they easily could we have all shook our head and increased our blood pressure in the car. The one thing that ticks me off though happens when I come to a T in the road.  I have to stop and I want to take a left hand turn.  I'm looking both ways and trying to make sure that I am being safe.  That's when the guy behind me (who is taking a right turn) can't wait any longer and pulls up on the right of me to make his turn.

Great! Now I can't see to my right because his stupid car is in the way.  He's mad at me because it's now taking me longer to make the turn, and we're both inching our way into the intersection trying to see past each other.

Why the heck do people do this?  If neither of us can see left or right to make our turns safely then it's going to take both of us longer to turn!  Can we stop doing this please?

Ok.  Enough said.  Stepping down from my soap box now.

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