I’m a pretty laid back person and I try to stay calm while driving, don’t want to express road rage of any kind, but this morning I found myself honking my horn and pointing fingers at people on the ride in to work.  Here’s why; clearly if there is a sign that says you’re not able to make a left turn between 7a to 9a and its 8:30a you shouldn’t stop traffic by trying to make a left turn!!  I laid on the horn to this guy and whipped around him in a fury.  Then, not 10 minutes later I’m on a one way street that has three lanes, and all of a sudden this yahoo decides he wants to turn left from the center lane, really?  And to make it worse, he stops at the intersection while traffic is moving past him on the left and right side.  I again blasted my horn and waived my finger at the moron who was stopped in the middle of the intersection.

I was in a great mood this morning and in the span of the ride in I began feeling annoyed and downright mad.  I hate that I was made to feel that way by people who clearly pay no attention to what they’re doing when driving.  It’s almost like they’ve forgotten that they’re behind the wheel.  I’m not saying that I’m perfect, but I will say this morning I felt like the smartest person on the road.  How ‘bout you?  What have other drivers done to tick you off?  I’m guessing the list is long.

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