Orchard Park, Lancaster and Depew get ready when you come up to these intersections, because they have removed the DO NOT TURN signs that are on the corner.

Two of the intersections that have been officially changed are:

  • Jewett Holmwood and South Buffalo Street in Orchard Park
  • Transit Road at George Urban Blvd in Depew

I know it was a safety precaution, but how many times did you see people turning on red regardless?

The New York State Department of Transportation has removed several NO TURN ON RED signs at some high-volume locations in Western New York in the past few days. The Orchard Park Police and the Depew Police have been made the announcements via social media and have even urged residents to share the new change:

The No Turn on Red sign has been removed by the New York State Department of Transportation at the intersection of Jewett Holmwood and South Buffalo Street! This is part of the reconstruction of state Rt. 277!', the Orchard Park Police said on Facebook. You can see the post below.

EXTRA: Have you ever noticed that school buses never turn right on red lights? They are not allowed to.

You cannot make a turn at a red light if there is a NO TURN ON RED sign posted or another sign, signal or pavement marking prevents the turn. You are not allowed to turn on a red light in New York City unless a sign that permits it is posted.

The driver of a school bus containing pupils cannot turn right on any red light", according to the New York State Department of Transportation website.

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