Part One In A Series: I hope this series will act as Public Service Message to anyone who operates a motor vehicle! If you do any of the things below, consider the following advice, tips, whatever, my gift to you. By changing, any and all of these habits will not only make you a better driver it will make you a better human being.  After all, we all share the same roadways and we all do live in a society.

USE YOUR TURN SIGNAL! You know the “blinky” colored lights that make a “clicking” noise when pushed either up or down.  They indicate what direction you are going in. People behind you are not Vulcans.  They cannot mind meld with you, which means, they have NO IDEA where you are going. This is also a useful tool when you want to move in front of another motorist.Perception is reality to the driver behind you. USING YOUR TURN SIGNAL, the driver thinks “That car just wants to get ahead of me.”NOT USING YOUR TURN SIGNAL, the driver will think “THAT A**HOLE JUST CUT ME OFF!” The lever is one inch from your finger! HOW MUCH OF AN EFFORT DOES IT TAKE TO CLICK IT UP OR DOWN!?! 

HAZARDS: That big button makes all the “blinky” lights go on and off at once.  If you are in an area where you need to stop resulting in the obstruction of traffic flow, do yourself and everyone coming up the rear a favor… PUT ON YOUR HAZARDS.  It may be the difference between staying safe or becoming someone’s new hood ornament.