You never know when you will get stuck in New York.  So it's always important to have things in your car when you need them.  But this one is a game changer.

In New York, it snows

Sometimes it snows a lot.  The reason you see so many people out clearing their driveways when the weather gets bad is to avoid having to push cars out when they get stuck.  When I was young, it felt like it happened all the time to people in our driveway.  It was a gravel driveway that went up a hill.  If you drove off of it, even the littlest bit, you could almost guarantee that you'd be there awhile.

It could happen to just about anyone, especially if you don't have 4 wheel drive in New York.

There's something that can get you out quickly

We've all got our emergency items in our car.  We've got jumper cables and emergency kits.  You might even have extra blankets and a shovel.  But having this could help get you out of a bad spot.

Always keep a bag of kitty litter.

I know.  It feels weird to keep something like that in your car, but it's just gritty enough that it can give your wheels traction to get out.  Just make sure that you clear as much snow away from the wheels (and from under the car - something that a lot of people forget about) and throw it generously around the tires.  Some people like to use saw dust.  When we were young, we would use the old ashes (that had cooled) from our wood burning fireplace.

The good thing about kitty litter is that it already comes in a bag, so it's packaged up perfectly.  Try it if you get stuck.  You'll thank me later.

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