Part II

I hope this series will act as Public Service Message to anyone who operates a motor vehicle! If you do any of the things below, consider the following advice, tips, whatever, my gift to you. By changing, any and all of these habits will not only make you a better driver it will make you a better human being.  After all, we all share the same roadways and we all do live in a society. MERGE: Really!?!  Will one or two cars merging in front of you totally upset your whole world?  The reason we have traffic jams in the morning and afternoon is that there is no consistent show of courtesy in letting fellow motorists MERGE.  If everyone would keep a car length or two between them, cars can flow in and out of traffic easily resulting in constant flow of traffic and fewer accidents.  If you think letting another car in front of you will delay your travels, what will a fender bender do for your ETA?

The concept of courtesy and consideration while driving is not rocket science.  It is COMMON SENSE!

 LANES:  The left lane is used for PASSING a car in the right lane, NOT for driving just as fast as that car so no one else can pass- Unless you are racing for a NASCAR team there is no need to block out other drivers.  Lead, follow or get out of the way.