It's that time of the year that people love to go out for food and drinks.

The weather is warm and people will do anything to get out of the house, especially after a 9-5 work shift.

There are plenty of places to go for lunch or dinner in Western New York. One thing Buffalo does very well is bar food. Wings, pizza, fingers, beef on weck, craft beer -- Buffalo is the king of those sorts or food and drinks.

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If you are planning on visiting a restaurant today after work and you want wings, just be aware of one famous place not being open.

According to their Facebook page, Duff's will have three of their locations closed on Monday.

  • Sheridan (original)
  • Dick Road
  • Eastern Hills Mall

The reason these three locations will be closed is because of their employee appreciation party, which they hold to give thanks to the hard working men and women who serve up food and drinks to patrons all year.

The Orchard Park and Niagara Falls locations will be open today, if you life in the south towns or the falls, so no worries there is you're thinking of hitting Duff's today.

Back in the old days, there was no way to know when a business did this. With social media, they can get the word out to their customers, which is everything. There's nothing worse than getting to a restaurant or bar and finding out they are closed for that day you went.

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