Easter baskets will be stuffed to the brim this week all over Western New York, and we know the most delicious thing to fill them with. 

When it comes to Easter candy, there’s no shortage of options, from jelly beans to gummy bunnies. But what can you get them this year that is sure to satisfy every single sweet tooth?

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Easy - chocolate!

easter basket chocolate eggs

Chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, milk, dark, white, bars, truffles or sponge candy - we’ve all got our favorite way to indulge in some mouth-watering, decadent chocolate. 

Whether you have the willpower to treat yourself to a single piece every once in a while, or if you prefer to polish off the entire box during a Seinfeld rerun - there’s not a single taste bud that wouldn’t appreciate finding some Buffalo-made artisan chocolate in their Easter basket this year.

Here in Western New York, we know the difference between the “so-so” chocolate you can grab at the convenience store and the actual good stuff, thanks to the many amazing chocolatiers we have in our area (who make more than just sponge candy, by the way - although we wouldn’t dare turn some down). 

The 10 Best Chocolatiers In Buffalo, New York

Sorry, jelly beans– your reign as Easter’s favorite candy is over. 

Scroll down and try not to drool over the 10 sweetest and most satisfying Western New York chocolate shops near you, just in time to load up the Easter basket (and don’t forget to pick up plenty of extra to stash away for you, too).

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