Our family received our first Elf On The Shelf last year. Ours is named Izzy, and she is pretty crazy. She was sent from the North Pole to watch over our kids and make sure that they're being good. She reports back to Santa every night, but what's funny is that our elf tends to get into a little bit of trouble herself!

Here is a list of things that your elf might do if one comes to your house. Be prepared, you never know what they will get into while you are asleep!

1.  We found her playing cards with the other stuffed animals.

2.  We found her doing "snow angels" on our counter...only the snow was actually baking flour.

3.  She was riding the ceiling fan.

4.  She was on the computer.

5.  She was watching TV with the remote in hand.

6.  She had just gotten out of the shower and was still wrapped in her towel.

7.  She had made herself breakfast (a whole bowl of candy!).

8.  She wrapped up some smaller gifts all by herself to get the kids excited! (It was books...I know it might not sound all that exciting, but hey, you can't take away the actual anticipation of Christmas!)

9.  She set herself up for a nice movie night...she even remembered the popcorn.

10.  She made snowmen from marshmallows that she found in our cupboard.

Remember, an Elf on the Shelf can do just about anything. It depends on how creative they are!