The four members of Eli Young Band are helping get everyone in the Christmas spirit with the release of a new video of them singing a soulful, acoustic version of the holiday staple 'I'll Be Home for Christmas.'

The Christmas classic is a song that "resonates pretty deeply" with all of the guys in the band according to frontman Mike Eli, seeing as how they are on the road touring for 90 percent of the year.

"This Christmas is actually a big year of firsts for us, as far as family," EYB drummer, Chris Thompson, explains in the video. "I think it's probably the most important year for us to be home because there's new babies and new wives and new family everywhere, so we all want to be there."

"All new traditions are starting [this year]," adds Eli, who welcomed his first child into the world this past summer. "It's kind of an exciting time for us. I know my wife and I are excited about kind of moving on to that point of having our first Christmas where it's not just us and our dogs. [Now we have] a baby girl that we actually get to buy gifts for and start getting her excited about Santa Claus."

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