Interesting that the replacement for the World Trade Center sometimes called the Freedom Tower became the tallest building in New York City yesterday as construction continues.  It’s going up at a rate of one story a week and is now taller than the Empire State Building.

Today is the day in 1931 that the Empire State Building was officially dedicated when President Herbert Hoover turned on a switch at the White House that turned on the building’s lights.

Amazing that the Empire State Building was completed in one year at a cost of $40-million – well below budget.  At one point it was going up at an incredible four and a half stories a week.

For 41 years the Empire State Building was the tallest building in the world until it lost the title to the twin
towers of the World Trade Center in 1972.

It’s often been said that the building we’re in – the Rand Building in Buffalo was the inspiration for the Empire State Building.  Dedicated in 1929 it kinda looks like the Empire State Building – about half the size though.

The building is named for George Rand – who financed the construction.  The transmitter and broadcast tower for WYRK is on top of the Rand Building.  Right at the base of the mast is what looks like an observation deck.  I’m told that deck was intended for blimps to allow passengers to board and exit.  It’s kind of like buildings with helicopter pads these days.

When it was dedicated the Rand Building was the tallest building in Buffalo.  Today it ranks third behind the HSBC Tower and City Hall.

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