The National Weather Service keeps tabs on official snowfall during the winter months and they also have the official word on the date of the first two inches of snow in Buffalo (the Buffalo Niagara International Airport). We don't know when the first two inches will come but we have a good hunch that it will happen in November or December.

We are going to give out 61 dates on the calendar between November and December. Whoever's name is on the calendar date you win the grand prize!

So we are going to give you the opportunity to have a day to yourself! If The National Weather Service records the 2 inches of snow at The Buffalo International Airport on a specific day, the person holding that date will win a new remote car starter from Premier Car Audio and a Snow Thrower from H.R. Dils Sales and Service! Here are the people who were entered via on the air or online at!


  1. Mike S.                      Eden
  2. Harry H.                    Lockport
  3. Dave D.                     Wheatfield
  4. Sue N.                       Cheektowaga
  5. Matt B.                      Corfu
  6. Samantha H.           Orchard Park
  7. Cindy E.                     Akron
  8. Renee N.                   West Seneca
  9. Calista M.                 East Aurora
  10. Madeline S.             Lancaster
  11. Ray T.                        Gowanda
  12. Cindy C.                    Riverside
  13. Dan S.                        Eden
  14. Terri K.                      Lockport
  15. Cleighton B.             West Seneca
  16. Jessica P.                Sloan
  17. Sandy C.                   Lakeview
  18. Shelley                       Pendelton
  19. John T.                      Buffalo
  20. Linda S.                     Lewiston
  21. Danielle P                 Alden
  22. Ginger B.                  Hamburg
  23. Brianna S.
  24. Julie H.                      Tonawanda
  25. Vinni                           Cambria
  26. Kathy K.                    Cheektowaga
  27. Alma S.                     Wheatfield
  28. Dawn C.
  29. Bev C.
  30. Bonnie O.



  1. Debbie M.                 East Aurora
  2. Lynn M.                     Depew
  3. Brendan D.               Derby
  4. Sue W.                       Eden
  5. Shirley B.                  Sanborn
  6. Kathy.                        Hamburg
  7. Lori P                       Alden
  8. Misty H.                    Lockport
  9. Gary.                          Niagara Falls
  10. Tina G.                      Derby
  11. Amber M.                 Cheektowaga
  12. Juanita G.                Buffalo
  13. Tina H.                      Collins
  14. Sandy D.                   Sanborn
  15. Dan H .                       Clarence
  16. Jerry H.                     Lockport
  17. Chris K.                     west Seneca
  18. Bob S .                       Wheatfield
  19. Heidi F.                      Forestville
  20. Chelsia H.                 Boston
  21. Zack O.                     North Tonawanda
  22. Jim K .                      Orchard Park
  23. Carl N.
  24. Martin N.                  North Tonawnda
  25. Tom K.                      Orchard Park
  26. Kelly O.                      Lackawanna
  27. Stacy K.                    Niagara Falls
  28. Barbra K.                  Delevan
  29. Jacob H.                   Angola
  30. Jesse L.                    Hamburg
  31. Chris T.                     Bert

Get in the Clay & Company 'You Snow It's Coming' contest by filling out the form below! There will also be a chance to get a calendar date during the week on Clay & Company! We will assign you a day when you hear the snowblower sounds, that is your cue to call in! Check out all the rules.

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