When trying to decide what to give your dad for Father's Day, a panic attack should not be on your list of things to get him.

Dads aren't easy to get gifts for

When you ask them what they want, they almost always say something like, "I don't need anything" or "Don't spend your money on me."  When they want something, they go get it.

A recent survey reveals that 38% of people said their dad is the most challenging person to shop for.  So what do you get him?

A panic attack should NOT be on the list.

A prank goes viral

A guy shared a video online about a prank that he did that has gone viral.  You can see the video below.

In the video, he shows his dad a picture of his son.  He sends it to him on his phone and his dad calls back almost immediately to beg him to never send him pictures like that again. The problem with the photo is that it's of his very young son standing dangerously close to the Niagara River.  There is no adult anywhere near him.  He is just standing there gazing over the water.  What his dad doesn't know is that the picture is completely photoshopped.  The boy was never near the water at all.

Then the prank gets worse

Just to add a little extra laugh to the video, the man sends his dad another picture.  This time it's a little more obvious that it's fake.  The second photoshopped picture is of his son standing on a railing right at the brink of the falls.

You have to watch the video to see his reaction!

What do you think?  Is this just cruel?  Or is it a funny joke?

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