There is an incredible opportunity for the hard working farm kids of Western New York and here is the chance to take advantage of it.

According to an email we received from The Erie County Agricultural Society, there are two available.

Two scholarship categories are available:

The Erie County Fair Scholarships seeks students who are enrolled or enrolling in a college or university. These students must have participated in the Erie County Fair in some capacity in order to be eligible. Participation includes, but is not limited to, employment, exhibition, volunteering, marching band, or other performances.

The Erie County Agricultural Society Scholarship is limited to students who are pursuing an agriculture related career. Students must be enrolled or enrolling in a college or university and must be able to describe how their field of study will help them in their agricultural endeavors. Applicants must show participation in the Erie County Fair or Erie County Agricultural Society sponsored activities.

There is no doubt that we desperately need to support and mentor the next generation of farmers in Western New York. As we have seen over the last two years of the pandemic, there is a greater need to be self sustaining locally. From supply chain issues to the lack of produce and products nationally, relying on our local farmers is more important than ever. No farms, no food.

Good luck to those applying for these scholarships! On behalf of our listeners, thank you for your hard work and dedication!

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