There's nothing like a great summertime beer and this one sounds like a winner.

Back in 2015, this beer (a pale ale) won the Erie County Fair's "Best in Show" competition. It sold out that year in just three days! The brew was created by homebrewers, John Crossett and Brian Millville.

Now, according to WIVB, Flying Bison will be mass producing the beer as the "Erie County Fair American Pale Ale" and will be sold in local Tops and Consumer Beverages.

"This is an American pale ale, so it's got just a little bit of hoppiness to it, but if you're new to craft beer, this is sort of a great entry-level beer to go to. Refreshing, it's really made for summer," Marty Biniasz Erie County Fair Marketing Manager said.

You should be able to find the ale in stores, starting this Thursday.

...and yes, the brew will also be available at the Erie County Fair in August!


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