The Erie County Fair is all about food, fun, and competitions!  If you're planning on competing at the fair this year, here are the deadlines to know about.

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So many people head to the fair to taste all the great food, to take in the entertainment, or to get a great deal on a big item that they've been waiting to purchase.  But did you know there are a ton of competitions going on?

The Competition At The Fair Is More Than Just For The Farm Kids

Sure, there are all kinds of kids there who have been working all year to raise an award winning animal to show off to the judges.  But it doesn't end there. There is a whole building of exhibits of people showing off everything from art, to their best jar of jam, and even the biggest stalk of corn.

Some Of The New Categories You Can Compete In At The Erie County Fair

According to a press release from the fair, here are some of the competitions that they're looking for entries for this year:

Open Shop Competition: This is an all-ages competition created to highlight the trades; classes include creating/building agricultural machinery and equipment, livestock equipment, trailers, as well as home and family classes that include barbecue smokers, indoor and outdoor furniture and yard items. Exhibitors will be able to provide their mechanical and technical skills to a judge(s) to show their method of creation. Judges will come from our partners at LA Woolley Electric, Inc.

Tractor Restoration: This is an all ages competition to provide an opportunity for exhibitors to display tractors that they have restored back to working condition from 1975 and earlier. Exhibitors will be able to provide their mechanical, technical, and presentation skills to a judge(s) to show their method of creation.

Craft Cocktail: This is a 21+ competition designed for amateur and professional bartenders and baristas in the community to have an opportunity to exemplify their creativity and craftsmanship. In this competition, exhibitors will create their cocktail, distribute into 4 flight-sized beverages for tasting as well as demonstrate their craftsmanship when creating these beverages.

Ribbon Revamp: In this competition, exhibitors will be provided with a bag of ribbons that can be cut, sewn, painted, ripped, burned, or manipulated in any way. The ribbons may be made into a quilt, soft or hard sculpture, painting, mask, collage, or anything else. Exhibitors will be able to provide their creativity, knowledge of material, and their ability to create a piece out of a set amount of ribbons. There is both a Junior and Open Division for this competition.

Mural Competition- This competition is open to amateurs and professionals. We will be looking for a 4’x6’ mural design focused around the theme “Fair in Bloom”, entries will be on display in the Urban Garden Walk outside of the Agriculture Discovery Center for the full run of the Fair. Mural competition must be entered via email to no later than May 1, 2023

What are the deadlines?

Fine Arts Exhibit - July 14th

Photography - July 14th

National Garden Club Standard Flower Show And Ngc Horticulture Specialty Show - July 14th

Antiques & Collectibles - July 14th

Arts & Crafts & More - July 14th

Canned Goods - July 14th

Ironing Board Scarecrow - July 14th

Windchime Competition - July 14th

Rain Barrel Decorating - July 14th

Home Wine Competition - July 21st

Commercial Growers - August 2nd

Farm Products - August 2nd

Fruits, Nuts, & Berries - August 2nd

Horticulture - August 2nd

Vegetables - August 2nd

Grange Exhibits - August 2nd

The Pistol Vs. Stamen Arrangement Competition - August 2nd

Environment & Sportsmen (Conservation) - August 4th


Click here for more questions about the Erie County Fair Competitions.


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