There is a new program that is encouraging people to visit farms and farm-related businesses in Western New York to win prizes.

Looking to feed your family with some of the freshest, healthiest food you can find?  Start by supporting local farms.

No Farms - No Food

Chances are, you've seen a bumper sticker that says something along the lines of "No Farms - No Food."  It's true.  It should go without saying that if we don't support local farms, they will go away, leaving us to find food in other places.  Not only does that make it more expensive, but we are also killing our own local economy.

Remember what it was like when we first started to experience supply chain issues during the pandemic?  Did any of you say, "how could there NOT be eggs at the grocery store??"  Many people finally saw the value in supporting local farms.

The Erie Grown Passport

There is a new program from Erie County that is trying to encourage people to visit and support some of these local farms because not only does it help to keep farmers in business and to feed their families, but it helps our own economy too.

The Erie County Department of Agriculture has put together a "passport" that is encouraging people to visit local farms and farm-related businesses.  The "Erie Grown Passport" is a list of local farms that people can visit and support.

How do you win prizes?

They ask that you visit these local farm and farm-related businesses and make a purchase if you can.  Then use either the online passport or one that you've printed out yourself to write down the date that you visited.  Here are the official rules:

1.    Passports must be marked between March 18, 2023-December 31, 2023.
2.    One passport allowed per person. One entry allowed per listing.
3.    Be kind & make a purchase.
4.    Passports must be received by January 31, 2024.

If you print out your own passport they ask that you scan and email your completed passport to or mail to:

Attn: Erie Grown Passport
Erie County Department of Environment and Planning
95 Franklin Street
Buffalo, NY 14202

For more on the Erie Grown Passport click here.

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