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Erie County executive Mark Poloncarz gave an update on how Erie County is doing with COVID numbers today...unfortunately it looks like we're heading in the wrong direction.

It really has the "Oh we go again" feel.

You might remember when these briefings began to be a normal thing.  Our political leaders would come on TV to tell us how many people were in the hospital due to COVID-19.  It felt bleak.  The numbers were so high.

Then things began to look up again.  Numbers were dropping.  Fewer people were being admitted.  Summer was right around the corner.  Things were starting to open up again.  Fairs and festivals began to come back.  As many days as we had of bad news, more and more days of good news followed.

Today, that was not the case.

Erie County has been in the "low" category with regard to the COVID spread risk according to the CDC for awhile now.  As of today, the county executive says we've moved back to a "moderate risk" category.

As it stands while I write this, 56% of all residents in Erie County are fully vaccinated.  60.4% of all Erie County residents have received at least one dose.


One of the statistics that really stood out from today's briefing was this one: 190 Erie County residents have died of complications of COVID since April 1, 2021, and of those persons, 96% were NOT vaccinated before infection.

The good news is that at this point, the hospitalization rate is still very low.  Let's hope it stays that way!

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