Nothing is surprising these days and it’s sad to think and know that the scum of the earth pose as meter workers as well as human beings.
News 4 reports that the Erie County Water Authority warns of posers as their water meter readers in the Town of Amherst.
Take note, actual ECWA workers will drive in white and blue vehicles with the Erie County Water Authority official decal on both sides of that vehicle. Employee’s always carry ID so ask to see it before allowing them entry to your property.
If customers are not shown proper identification, they are asked to either call 911 or the ECWA at (716) 849-8484.
When I was off work for a few weeks healing from surgery, I experienced a number of doorbell rings, if I didn’t recognize them I didn’t bother answering the door. Now I can’t say they were all people up to no good, but if I’m not expecting you – you better call first.

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