Welllll that went a lot further than it should have.

Nicholas Nuttle started this 'petition' to get rid of the Buffalo-famous Shark Girl status that has been sitting a Canalside for the past few years. He stated that it was clearly a very offensive statue to some people that have ACTUALLY been attacked by a shark.

This would have been an good Buffalo April Fool's Day Prank, Nick.....if that's even your name lol

This petition is to formerly request the removal of ‘Shark Girl’ from the Canalside district of Downtown Buffalo, NY. Crafted at the hands of Albright Knox public art curator Aaron Ott, this design was initially created by an artist named Casey Riordan Millard in 2004.


To see a young woman portrayed in such a distasteful manner in such a high traffic area along Buffalo's beautiful canal side is unacceptable. The subject of the piece is about overcoming fear. This statue simply induces it.


This statue is also extremely insensitive to victims of shark attacks. To experience a life trauma such as that, and then see a young girl depicted as a murderous creature of the sea is an abomination. The recent resurgence of Buffalo has allowed our city to take a number of steps forward. This statue is setting us even farther back.


Please sign below to show support in the removal of this statue and help Canalside become a more welcoming destination to friends, families, and visitors of the Greater Buffalo Area. Thank You!

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