There's nothing like going on a road trip and grabbing a bunch of snacks.

You stop at the gas station and load up on a variety of chips, pretzels and candy. It's something we have all done and it never gets old.

However, we usually get the same type of snacks in Western New York: Doritos, Lay's, M&M's, Reese's, etc. Those are the classics and that's fine, but it would be cool to have a lot more variety in the snacks we buy.

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If you live in Niagara County and go to the Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls, then get ready for a new store that is sure to satisfy the appetite for a crazy assortment of snacks.

The Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls announced that the Exotic Snack Factory has officially opened.

Their post has 1,500 shares on Facebook, which shows that everyone is thrilled this store has arrived in Western New York.

Subway, KFC and Pizza Hut flavored Lays; M&M and Twix edible cookie dough; ketchup and enchilada flavored Pringles; international Pepsi and Coca-Cola flavors and a lot more.

The Andes snap bar has caught my attention as well -- my wife would adore that candy bar.

If you see a new snack product, you get the itch to buy it. We're all curious by nature and this store will for sure be packed with curious customers who want to try all of these new flavors.

What this tells me is that the United States doesn't have nearly as many cool flavors as other countries.

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