The temperature is starting to get pretty chilly during the nights around Western New York, so you know that heat will have to be turned on for the good, eventually.

But, there is positive news about your future heating bill this winter compared to last year, according to National Fuel.

Courtesy of WIVB, a National Fuel press release states the average customer bill for the 2019-2020 heating season could drop by 14.7 percent.

"National Fuel attributes the lower bill forecast to a decrease in the actual cost of natural gas and National Fuel’s proximity to domestically-produced shale gas and pipelines that transport it."

Customers should expect a heating bill to be in the ballpark of $511, as opposed to last year's $559 -- November to March.

The nights are getting pretty cold but it's definitely been easier sleeping weather, lately!

You can find out more on National Fuel's website.

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