Both NYSEG and National Fuel have programs that customers can participate in,

NYSEG calls their initiative the Residential Rebate Program and National Grid it is the Conservation Incentive Program which is designed to be more efficient, use less resources and be better for the environment.

Consumers can earn the rebates by keeping their furnaces, boilers, and hot water tanks and even thermostats

Under National Fuel’s Conservation Incentive Program you will get paid with a rebate in form of a Visa Gift Card:

  • Furnace tune-up: $60
  • Boiler: $75
  • High efficiency water heater: up to $250
  • Uprade from 80 percent efficient furnace to a 95 percent: $525

“It is a three-pronged program to conserve energy, achieve energy savings, and positively impact the environment", National Fuel spokesperson Karen Merkel.


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