Over 116,000 homes in New York State have not paid their electric or gas bill and now you might be disconnected from your service leaving you with no electricity or gas.

New York State Electric & Gas made an announcement that they will resume late charges and disconnections very, very soon. All 116,000 homes are at least 60 days late on their bills which results in about $58 million in unpaid bills.

Some are already getting the late fees and unpaid bills collected now. You will get quite a few notices that NYSEG is trying to collect money from you before they come and disconnect your gas and your electricity.

Any residential customers experiencing difficulty paying their utility bill should call Customer Service to inquire about assistance and options, only if customers take no action after receiving multiple bills, calls, and notices will they face disconnection,” said Shelby Cohen, a spokesperson for NYSEG.

If you need any help here are the ways to get some financial support you can see on the NYSEG website.

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