This is a good reminder to check your regular monthly bills, even if you are enrolled in auto pay. 

A woman in Western New York was stunned when she checked her mailbox this week. While opening envelopes, she discovered that her NYSEG bill was extremely high compared to her typically monthly cost. 

Shannon Federowicz from Lancaster shared a photo of her NYSEG bill on Facebook. Take a look at the jaw-dropping total on her bill. 

Understandably so, Federowicz was stunned to say the least. 

A friend from Clarence Center commented on the post, and it seems that other people have had a similar problem. She suspected that it’s one of the new switchover boxes causing the extreme increase in her monthly bill. “A lot of people complained about this and NYSEG more or less told them that’s what they owe.”

Hopefully, Shannon Federowicz won’t have to actually deal with a $17,000 bill. Personally, I would be in tears. 

When I reached out to Shannon, she told me how she plans to contact NYSEG about this. 

“I just asked my girls to take a picture of the meter so I can call in tomorrow,” she said. “My one daughter informed me that there were people looking at it today, so hopefully I won’t have too much trouble tomorrow.”

Others who saw Shannon’s bill were flabbergasted and nervous to open their own NYSEG bill. 

Hopefully the Federowicz family will have some answers soon. Most people can’t even afford to eat out anymore, let alone pay an unexpected $17,000 bill. 

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