The New York State budget deadline is quickly approaching and as we wait to see what lawmakers and Governor Hochul have in mind, there are many that are furious over the proposed ban on natural gas powered appliances and heaters in New York State.

The cold weather and wind are still hammering portions of New York State and it seems as though there have been more power outages than ever before. What can you do to keep your family safe and warm in the future if there is a power outage and no heat? This is just one of the questions and fears that some residents in New York are bringing up.

However, there was a time when New York State got behind the idea that natural gas is the best energy value. Is that still the case? Utility giant, National Fuel, has a few questions of their own and have even sent out an email to customers trying to get answers and support to halt the gas ban in The Empire State.

A portion of the email calls for customers to speak out against the proposed ban...

Unreasonable proposals by the Governor are currently being pushed in Albany seeking to ban natural gas use in homes and businesses and requiring electrification, all but guaranteeing energy reliability shortfalls and weather-related disruptions.

Other states around New York are welcoming National Fuel and would love their business!

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