May hasn't exactly been seasonably warm, to say the least, but don't let that trick you into thinking this summer will be cooler than's expected to be the opposite.

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According to The Weather Channel, much of the country can expect a warmer-than-average summer for 2020.

The northeast and mid-Atlantic can expect hotter-than-normal temperatures from June through August.

AccuWeather also predicts a very hot summer.

“Heat will come in spurts in the first half of the summer season,” says veteran meteorologist, Paul Pastelok. “But, as we get into July, it will start to dry out a little, and I think that’s when we’ll start to see the heat peak, with temperatures climbing into the 90s.”

Temperatures are expected 1-3 degrees warmer in the late summer than it was during 2019.

Karin Gleason, a climatologist with the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI), told The New York Times that they’re “virtually certain that 2020 will rank top 10 years on record,” she said.

The predictions say July-September will be the really hot months across the northeast, which includes Western New York. Definitely make sure you have air conditioning or a few fans because this summer could be a scorcher!

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