Parents: what's the best parenting hack you have to save time? Would you ever do this to your kids?

One mother on Facebook is getting criticized for actually dressing her kids in their school clothes the night before and putting them to bed. Madeleine West, an Australian mom of six, has taken timesaving tips to the next level. She says when they wake up it saves so much time and they eat breakfast, brush their teeth and get on the bus. Many parents though had a lot to say about her practice--including calling her a lazy or disgusting parent.

Another mom wrote on Facebook:

She makes them wear next day’s clothes to bed? Wow, how efficient! Also have them eat next day’s breakfast and lunch along with yesterday’s dinner and you will save heaps of time. At least she’s not putting her kids in the washing machine to sort out dirty clothes and ‘dirty’ children at the same time — that would be organised! Let’s just hope this didn’t give her any ideas.”

What do you think?