Some people will do anything to make money and it doesn't matter how low they have to go to get it.  Be aware where your money is going.

Last week the Buffalo Bills, Sabres, and Bandits made a statement and showed support to the victims of the Buffalo shooting on Jefferson Ave and their families.  They showed up with flowers and served food to the community.  While they were doing it, they were wearing black shirts that simply had the words "Choose Love" written on them above the Buffalo Bills logo.

Obviously, Bills fans everywhere wanted them.  They started asking right away where they could get them and the Bills were quick to act.  They started to sell them almost immediately and the proceeds from the shirts are going to the 5/14 Survivors fund and Buffalo Together Community Response Fund.

It's an incredible opportunity to help out.  Unfortunately, there are some out there that are trying to take advantage of it...and they're pocketing all the proceeds instead.

According to WGRZ, The Better Business Bureau is warning Western New Yorkers about fake "Choose Love" shirts being sold online.  They look similar, but the proceeds from those shirts (if you actually get them delivered) will not benefit either of those charities.

They're encouraging people to buy them only from the Shop One Buffalo website.  This way the funds will go to the people who need them.

They're also asking people to keep their eyes open for sites that might be selling shirts that are similar.  If you see some, report it to the BBB on its website or to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center.

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