If you're a summer lover, it could look a little depressing as we head into fall.  But there are a ton of great things to look forward to.

Summer in Buffalo is as good as it gets

Let's be honest.  When it comes to weather in Western New York, most people around the country think that it's still cold, even in June!  But it's not even close.  Where other cities have to deal with 100 degree temperatures or insane humidity, Buffalo and Western New York has nearly perfect weather.  Most of the days we get sunshine and anywhere between 75 to 80 degress.

Summer weather is perfect.

We have a lot of things to do here in Western New York too

If you're looking for entertainment, Western New York is perfect too.  From concerts to sporting events, there is always something to go and see.  And if you like to participate in events, there are places to go rock climbing, and zip lining, or play a quick pick-up game of just about anything.

We even have beaches to go to!

Summer is perfect, but have you seen fall?

It could be very depressing to know that all of that is about to come to an end.  All of the nice weather is about to go away.  Outdoor concerts are about to go away.  The fresh produce from roadside stands is about to go away.  It's sad.

But as they say, when one door closes, another door opens.  That's true for the seasons here in Western New York too.  The summer door is about to close, but that also means that the fall door is getting ready to bust wide open.  That means that all of this cool stuff is about to be here:

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