You've seen the video of the man who was so over the top excited about the Bills before the Super Bowl exclaiming that Dallas was going he's back.

If you haven't seen it, it went down like this...

His name is Marc Miller.

Unfortunately it didn't work out how he hoped it would back then.  The Bills went on to lose that Super Bowl to the Cowboys 52-17.  It wasn't even close.

They replayed that video multiple times leading up to this year's game as the Bills prepared to play against the Cowboys  on Thanksgiving.  And this year...he was right.  The Cowboys went down.

Now, he's back to support the team that he was so passionate about back in the 90's.  Twenty six years, Marc Miller is getting crazy about the Bills again.  He's on Twitter!  You can find him by clicking here.

Oh...and just in case you think someone else decided to do a parody account with his name, he made a video to prove it's him...


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