Little girls love deer, my daughter even loves venison (yes...deer meat) but do they really love them with their blood and guts on display?

A high school teacher in Portsmouth, New Hampshire has found himself in hot water after he left severed deer parts at his ex-wife's home in April, claiming the ear and hoof were merely gifts for his daughter to "play with."

Nathaniel Heard was arrested because authorities claim he left the animal parts to scare his ex-wife. After his arrest, Heard was ordered to keep away from his ex-wife and his two kids, although he's trying to get that order revoked.

Heard, who was allowed at the house at the time of the incident, reportedly stopped by the home to drop off a bike helmet. While he was there, his lawyer said he left the deer, which he got from a friend, for his daughter. Her age is unclear.

Heard is surprised all of this hullabaloo over the deer has erupted, especially since he saw his kids the next day and no one said they were upset, although they did mention their mother was rather ticked off.

Court records specify Heard has a history of irritating his ex-wife. Last year, he admitted to "engaging in behavior that has been harassing and invasive." Gee, you don't say? We're surprised he hasn't been charged for ruining his daughter's enjoyment of 'Bambi' forever.  Then again...maybe it's her that gets easily annoyed.