The famous Western New York store: Dave's Christmas Wonderland is closing down at their original location. Dave's on the corner of Union and William Street, at 2675 Union Road is closing for good and will consolidate into one store with the new location at Transit and French Road.

Now that the original Dave's is going to be closing, they don't want to bring ANYTHING from the old store to the new location, so that makes for a super fun opportunity for you.

Dave's Christmas on Union is letting you come and fill up a shopping cart with WHATEVER you can fit in there. How much does the shopping cart cost? Only 50 bucks. You can get some serious items. It is almost like a version of Super Market Sweep--does anyone remember that TV show?

I went yesterday and it was a madhouse, so if you go there and there isn't a ton of Christmas trees left, don't be too surprised. But, I would still definitely go check it out because there were tons of items--from Halloween to Christmas decorations to food items and household essentials.

Now, it is not exactly in the old Dave's building anymore. The new owners have taken over so they were moved over to the next-door building. When you are looking at the old Dave's Christmas Wonderland store, the building directly to the left has a Dave's sign on it. That building is actually the old Long John Silver's if you remember. They are open through next week or until all of the items are gone!

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