This is one of the coolest websites I think I've ever seen...and it's so simple. Save yourself a trip with just one click.

There's a good chance you've been there before.  You've saved up some calories to use on the way home from work before you eat some dinner.  Or maybe you've just been craving that McFlurry that you've been dreaming about.  You pass it on the way home, so why not just stop in?

When you get to the window and you order you hear those dreaded words on the other end of the speaker:

"I'm sorry but our ice cream machine is down today."

What??  You've been waiting all day?!?  You saved calories so that you could fit it in and not feel guilty.  Noooo!!!

That's what this website is for.  It's so simple and it will help you plan that trip home a little more efficiently next time.  All you have to do is click on and it will bring up your area.  Then click on the restaurant you want to visit and it will tell you if the ice cream machine is working today and when the last time was that it was checked.

Now, I will say this...there's no guarantee that it will still be working when you get there.  They really can break at any time.  But this will at least let you know that it was recently working or if it wasn't.  This way, if your normal stop is down, you can find another one that's close and still get your ice cream fix.


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