Now that the COVID-19 vaccination is here in the US, you are probably wondering when you will have a chance to get it.

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The NY Times can up with this handy calculator to show you where you stand when it comes to getting the COVID-19 vaccination.

All you have to do is enter some information like your age, job description, and where you live. Then the calculator will let you know approximately where you are in line for a COVID-19 vaccination shot.

I entered my information and here is what I got.

Based on your risk profile, we believe you’re in line behind 268.7 million people across the United States.

When it comes to New York, we think you’re behind 16.0 million others who are at higher risk in your state.

And in Erie County, you’re behind 775,800 others.

I guess I won't be getting the vaccination anytime soon!

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