The Buffalo Bills took a chance on a guy last week that is either going to make them look very smart, or very dumb.

The Buffalo Bills signed a proven champion.  He's already an Olympic gold medalist.  He knows how to win.  However, it's a move that is already making a lot of people laugh.

Why are they laughing?  Well, the guy they signed hasn't ever played organized football in his life.  He went from a career as an Olympic and WWE wrestler to putting on a helmet and cleats for the first time as a professional football player.

However, it's a move that could be the biggest steal for the Bills.  He's definitely got the size of an NFL player.  At 6'1" tall and 275 pounds, he's about the same size as Bills standout defensive lineman Ed Oliver.  Those who have watched football know that Ed holds his own very well.

So what makes him think that he can make the transition to football after never playing a single down on an organized team?  He says he's a sponge.  He loves to soak up as much knowledge as he can and then try to perfect those techniques.

It's something that he was obviously jumping at the opportunity to do today.  Coach McDermott was spending a little bit extra time after everyone else had gone into the locker room to expand on a little of what they were teaching using wrestling as the translator.  McDermott was once a champion wrestler himself.

You could see him showing Steveson a little bit of how to use his skills in wrestling to have success on the defensive line also.

He certainly seems to have the athleticism.  The only question is whether or not he will be able to develop the technique to earn a spot on this team.

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