This could be one of the coolest things that happened at the draft that you didn't see.  If you're a Ryan Fitzpatrick fan (and who isn't) you have to see this...

We don't agree on everything here in Buffalo.  But there are a few things most of us agree on.  We love wings, beef on weck, and a guy that we call Fitz Magic.

Most NFL fans know the person that we are referring to when we mention Fitz Magic.  Of course, it's former Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Without a doubt, he is one of the most beloved players to have passed through Buffalo.  Also a former quarterback for the St. Louis Rams, the Cincinnati Bengals, the Tennessee Titans, the Houston Texans, New York Jets, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins, and the Washington Football Team.

Yep...he's played for all of them.

Over the weekend he was represented at the NFL Draft and so was every team that he has played for:

The comments that followed were pure gold also...people trying to decide which Fitzpatrick was the best...

Of course we would all agree that the best Fitzpatrick was the one that played for the Bills and beat the Patriots for the first time in years...or the one who played for the Washington Football team but still came to a Bills playoff game to sit in the stands and take his shirt off in what was historically one of the coldest Buffalo Bills games of all time.

But I think that most of us would agree that it doesn't matter what team he's on.  Ryan Fitzpatrick is one of the best characters that the NFL has ever seen and we love him here in Buffalo.

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