The family of Whitney Houston has requested no official observance or memorial event for her funeral and burial on Saturday.  They're asking for privacy, but New Jersey governor Chris Christie has ordered American flags flown at half staff in honor of the New Jersey native.

She had a tremendous career winning six Grammy Awards,  but in recent years she had fallen into a path of drug and alcohol abuse.  Does she merit having the American flag flown at half staff in her honor?  How many New Jersey soldiers who served their country and came home in a box were given the same honor?  Some people are outraged.

Only the president or state governors can order the American flag to be flown at half staff.  Most often it's in honor of a national or state figure, government official or prominent citizen.  So who meets the qualifications of a prominent citizen?  Probably a religious leader, youth leader, respected educator or sports coach or a local hero.  I guess if you consider Whitney Houston a state hero then she fits.

What do you think?  Does Whitney Houston deserve to have the American flag flown at half staff in her honor?

(From New Providence Patch)

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