You've probably never seen an American flag this impressive.  It's right in front of the Gander Outdoors store in Tonawanda which has been open for a little over a month now.  Gander Outdoors replaced the Gander Mountain store at the same location.

Dale Mussen photo
Dale Mussen photo

If you're not sure exactly where it's located, just look for the giant flag.  You can see it clearly from the I-290 from a long distance away.  This flag is 80 feet wide by 40 feet high and it's on a pole 130 feet tall.

To give you an idea of just how big that flag is...the 13 stripes are each 3-feet wide.  Each of the 50 stars are 2-feet wide.

Many of the former Gander Mountain stores that closed last year were reopened this year as Gander Outdoors after Camping World won a bankruptcy auction of the chain.  The giant flags are part of a tradition begun by Camping World four years ago at each of their stores.

The Tonawanda Gander Outdoors store is at 880 Young Street just off the Colvin Exit of the I-290.

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