This snowstorm is expected to be one of the most extreme snowstorms in US History, and that’s why many people are making arrangements to temporarily flee Buffalo, New York, as the city is in the eye of the storm. 

The latest report from meteorologist Colin McCarthy shows an HRRR model that is projecting approximately 70 inches of snowfall in less than 24 hours, peaking just south of Buffalo, New York.

Many people are selling their tickets to the Buffalo Bills game this weekend in anticipation of the snow…and if you can get Bills Mafia members to willingly sell their home game tickets, that is surely saying something about the storm.

Usually, on a weekend where the Buffalo Bills play at home, tons of Bills fans from the Canadian side will make the trek across the border to get to Highmark Stadium.

However, this weekend is shaping up to be a little different. 

It looks like Buffalonians are fleeing north to one town in Ontario, Canada.

That town is St. Catherines, Ontario.

One retailer in downtown St. Catherines shared that they had several Americans come through yesterday, way more than usual. 

On a normal day, they received 0-1 visitors from Buffalo, but on Wednesday, there was at least a dozen people who came through. 

The manager at the retailer, which was a vinyl record and resale shop, said that while all of the visitors were from Buffalo, New York, a few of them admitted that they were trying to get away from the snowstorm. 

Although St. Catherines doesn’t seem too far away from Buffalo, it is just far enough north that it avoids getting whacked with as much snowfall as we will be getting. 

While Buffalo is projected to receive 70 inches of snow in a 24 hour period, St. Catherines may see a few inches, but it will not be anything like in Western New York.

Whether you choose to brave the storm or travel up north, be safe and don’t be afraid to have a little fun playing in the snow. 

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